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by Dab Riga

Fully Licensed. Recently Interviewed. Partially Funded.


TLEHL’s conversion to Annual License (in other words, full and complete licensure at the state and local levels) was approved at the Wednesday, January 17th, 2024 meeting of the NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC). This means that TLEHL is now fully licensed for legal, adult-use cannabis manufacturing at both the state and municipal levels. For “receipts” of this milestone, click here (this is a compressed zip file of documents for all awardees in TLEHL’s cohort).


TLEHL founder Dab Riga recently had the good fortune of being interviewed for Smart Business Insights with Dr. David Cunic of UCS Advisors. Have a look!

We touch on what differentiates TLEHL, why we’re basing our operations in Montclair, why TLEHL is being powered by renewable energy from day one, the explosive growth in popularity of TLEHL’s flagship product category, and more.


In other news, TLEHL has succeeded at bringing in our first financing from a third-party source, after being completely bootstrapped so far. This was a friends & family source, and we still have a ways to go, but we are happy that an old friend has availed themself of the passive income opportunity that we’re now able to provide in this narrow window of our remaining pre-launch growth. Massive thanks to this first third-party source of funds!